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It was on the blood of many of the free men and free women of Torvaldsland that Bergvik came to be. On a dark, cold and snowy night of 26 years ago the Torvaldsberg was under the siege of Kurii. Many of the villages dotting the berg had already been wiped out. Very few had been left standing. Asger was one of these few. Located midway to the summit of the mountain, it had the protection of the berg itself and the Odin's Nest nearby. But even such protections could do little against the destructive fury of the beasts. The day that Asger fell and its people scattered, all seemed lost and doomed. The only place the Kurii would not touch or go to, seemed to be the Odin's Nest itself.

The Nest, a long standing training center for Rune Priests, was no more than a speckle on the Torvaldsberg, a tiny settlement of priests mostly, and the bonds serving them. It had no defences, except those offered by the Gods themseves, but those seemed to have been enough to spare the settlement. Many from Asger and other flanks of the berg, fell back there; many saved by the priests themselves.

It was only after the physical and emotional wounds of the people were cured, that the mountain returned to life. A few brave men and priests hunt the beasts down and one by one, killed them all. It had been called The Big Hunt. The Big Hunt took its further toll of lives, decimating a population which had already been thinned by the beasts. The survivors scattered through Torvaldsland, many leaving the old mountain forever, too scarred and too proven, too many painful memories to carry and the berg always there, the spear of Odin, as a constant reminder.

While many left, others remained and moved at the feet of the mountain, on a small bay; among these people, the Bergson family, or what then was thought was left of them. Grampa Hakkon Bergson would claim a small vik for himself, a bay overlooking north, towards the Polar Plain, visible on a bright and sunny day. What had born to be a small settlement, soon turned into a village: Bergvik.

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