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Ignorance of the rules is not excused and will result in perma-ban

More in depth rules can be found in world

Use common sense.
Raids HAVE TO BE AGREED upon with the Sim Owners
This means: number of captives, return time of the captives, loot, eventual destruction etc.
We will not put the village at your mercy just because you are good at meter fight. We all like to win, not just you.

The Raid will still be a surprise for the rest of the sim but to avoid drama, we prefer to know when you come so that we are prepared.

During a raid there will be no ooc, immediate ejection for violating that rule.

Mods: one mod for each side in OOC mode or MOD mode allowed.


Be responsible with them. We won't give you a long list but if you cheat we will know and you won't be welcome here ever again.   Weapon allowed: meele only.


2 - Meter: ZCS
3 - Animal in raids: NO
4 - Slaves in raids on offending side: NO
5 - Raid Ratio: 1:1
6 - Combatants allowed to join after raid started: NO
7 - Refusal to be bound once downed: NO
8 - Binding: 3 posts:  Setup for binding/Disarming, 2 Binding hands and feet, 3 leash.

ACTUAL ROLEPLAY and not pre-prepped gestures, this is NOT GE
9 - Unbinding others: 2 Posts (NOT if either are leashed or you are bound)
10 - Self-unbinding: NO
11 - Aiding: 1 post. ACTUAL ROLEPLAY and not pre-prepped gestures, this is NOT GE
12 - Stealing keys: 1 post. ACTUAL ROLEPLAY and not pre-prepped gestures, this is NOT GE
13 - Lock picking: 1 post. ACTUAL ROLEPLAY and not pre-prepped gestures, this is NOT GE
14 - Jumping/climbing/grappling: NO
15 - Metagaming: NO Map sniping, camming, etc to find enemies/hiding civilians.

We will ask you to show us the roleplay by which you found hiding civilians or strategically placed fighters.
16 - Rescue: YES on the terms agreed with sim owners.

Once at docks, we give you 5 minutes to organise your stuff before we start fighting.
Once a dock, you need to shout or make your arrival known with a post of a minimum of 2 lines.


Combat is what might be considered a one to one fight in the heat of the moment, stemming from roleplay.
Although we recognise that this can happen, we are a sim focused on rp and not on combat.

The choice to participate in combat at all is left to the players involved, as well as the type of combat.
Type of combat which can be agreed upon:

- Meter combat (either free style or formal Torvaldsland duel)
- Dice combat

In the case of meter combat:

- Roleplay MUST precede the action for at least 30 minutes of consecutive posting.
- Drawing of weapons has to be roleplayed and the adversary has to be given time to read the post first and then draw as well.

Because this is a personal roleplay, generally between two parties, others should not get involved, unless the roleplay leads to that.

If it does, everything needs to be agreed between the parts involved.
I want to stress out, again, that we are a roleplay sim, not a combat sim.

If your hands itch for combat, please follow the lights towards GE Gor.

In the case of dice combat:

- Roleplay MUST precede the action for at least 30 minutes of consecutive posting
- When the dice fight starts, both sides will have 5 throws of the dice.

Dice results:

1 to 30 - no blow is dealt but a hard one is received which will leave substantial wounds
31 to 50 - a blow is dealt and one is received. The blow dealt and received will leave some serious wounds
51 to 70 - a blow is dealt and none is received. The blow dealt will not be serious
71 to 90 - more than one blow is deal and none is received. The blows dealt will be superficial
91 to 100 - a power strike is dealt and none is received. The strike dealt will leave a permanent scar (has to be agreed) or long term injuries.

After the 5 throws, the person who has scored the highest will be the winner.
The injuries are left to the players to be agreed upon.


Due to inability of some players to separate ic and ooc and other players to play like gods, we do not accept killings which are unilateral.
A kill needs to be agreed with the player object of such action. If the player refuses, it is their right to do so.

We are here to build stories not to brush people's egos or personal vendetta.
A killing carried out outside of these rules will grant you a permanent ban from the sim and will NOT be honoured ic.

A killing, once agreed, has to be roleplayed for at least an hour of continuous roleplay.
Once the rp is finished the players can either have a meter combat or a dice combat, according to their preferences.

The result of which will dictate the actions following.

If no agreement can be achieved on this matter, no killing will be considered valid.


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