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Ignorance of the rules is not excused and will result in perma-ban

More in depth rules to be found in world.

For better enjoyment of the sim, have Shared Environment on (Use shared environment) and sound on.
We use weather systems so when it rains, or snows, you can hear it by pressing the PLAY button on music, as if you would do by listening to a stream. All this is done to enhance your roleplay experience.

If you have a question, comment or concern pertaining to your home on sim, your role, something about RP, a Mod question etc follow the following steps:

1) DO NOT IM an online Mod/Admin
2) Make a NC with a detailed description of what you need.
3) Drop it in the mailbox up on the landing point
4) Cool your jets, and wait.

Our Mods/Admins give a certain amount of their online time to answer and help all these notecard drops. After that time has elapsed, however, they return to roleplay and will continue on with the notecard the following day. Your notecard will be attended to in the order it was received within 2/3 days MAX (credits to Scagnar for this bit)

PLEASE WEAR the OBSERVER TAG if you wish to observe without participating in rp.
FREE WOMEN can travel here with a NPC escort, not alone.


A - We play according to realism roleplay.
       a1 - Traveling here in winter is impossible via sea and difficult and challenging via land. Roleplay accordingly, please, be creative make up a credible story! It's a fun challenge!

B - Housing is free but please be respectful of the sim. If you decorate outside your hut, be mindful of the general raggedy and rough look of the landscape. No plants outside, if you wish for plants, ask the builder please. Polished items will be asked to be removed. No Hover text items outside of the homes. Inside it's fine. Thank you for your understanding.
Important: from now on, housing on village level will only be given to regular roleplayers who attend the sim regularly. We will still give you a home but on a skybox if you do not attend regularly. Thank you for understanding.
C - This location is Gorean BTB and IC at all time.

D - No OOC in local chat. If you have to go afk, post a line quickly and go.
E - Only OOC Area: landing spot.

F - No dual grouping

G - No avatars younger than 6 months of age. We MIGHT consider exceptions but you would have to give us reasons


The village is located somewhere very close to the Torvaldsberg, on the coast, hence in Torvaldsland.
Ask yourself: would my character be in Torvaldsland?
If the answer is NO then please adapt your story/character to make sense in Torvaldsland or leave.
Examples of characters not found in Torvaldsland: panthers, mambas, talunas, assassins etc. If you are one of those and have a story/reason, speak one of the Admins or Mods. Do not assume, please.


From Here you can go to the following locations/layers on sim
All the locations are force collar/force capture with roleplay
No random raids or captures without roleplay. Also use common sense. The village would be heavily guarded so no captures at village level outside of raids.
All locations have living facilities, ask if interested.
All locations are to be considered IC at ALL times.

A Torvie forest (NOT THE NORTHERN FOREST) with living facilities. Find your way there. There might be or might not be animals roaming, not all of which dangerous.
Special rules apply for the forest, read them.

No animals on village level


Ic hub hosted in the sky

There is also the ODIN'S NEST on sim but this can only be found traveling the forest. The Odin's Nest is a conclave for the training of Rune Priests. Only free men and slaves allowed here. Free women are allowed only during official feasts/festivals/rituals.

Soon to come
This is an area of the polar plain close to the Torvaldsland border. It is ic at all times

Soon to come

Soon to come

Soon to come

9) IC EVENTS LOCATION (varies according to rp)
Soon to come


A) Sparring Grounds
B) OOC events

The rules are very simple:
1 - this is a BTB sim, only experienced BTB roleplayers should play here. If you are not experienced, play Barbarian. Make a roleplay out of it!
2 - there are really no rules. Behave BTB or face consequences, it IS that simple
3 - realism roleplay
4 - no bullying of any kind will be accepted in ooc
5 - you must be 18 and over to play here: adult content
6 - No TOS violation ever
7 - This sim is ROLEPLAY oriented and not COMBAT oriented.
We practice Zero Tolerance for any type of drama or BS.

The meter is entirely optional. Un-metered roleplay and dice-fight are left to individuals to decide.



Be responsible with them. We won't give you a long list but if you cheat we will know and you won't be welcome here ever again.

If you wear the meter:
Meter: ZCS. Weapons: any ZCS compatible. Do not cheat, it's lame.


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